5 Tips To Prepare For Live In Care

21 September 2020
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If your family member is having trouble completing basic tasks around the house, it may be time to consider live-in care. This way, your loved one can stay in the comfort of his or her own home and receive one-on-one care. Here are a few ways to properly prepare your family member's house for live-in care.

Create a Living Space

No matter how long a live-in caregiver will be staying with your family member, it is important for this person to have his or her own space to live. If your loved one has a spare bedroom, have the caregiver stay in that room. If your loved one has a smaller home with no spare bedrooms, you can always set up sleeping quarters in the living room.

Put Valuable Items in a Secure Space

The majority of live-in caregivers are honest and trustworthy individuals. However, it is still not a bad idea to store your family member's most valuable items in a locked cabinet or safe. This will give your loved one peace of mind.

Call the Insurance Company

If you are planning to have a caregiver move into your family member's home, you should let his or her home insurance company know promptly. Having another person reside in your loved one's property may affect the cost of the insurance. If the caregiver will be driving your loved one's car, you should also add him or her to the auto insurance policy.

Write Down Your Family Member's Needs and Preferences

Your loved one may have numerous needs and preferences, so it is helpful to write them down on paper for the caregiver. For example, you may want to write down the contact information of family members and physicians, dietary restrictions, activities your family member enjoys, allergies, and medication schedule.

Add Safety Features

If your family member has mobility issues, you should install the proper safety features to the home before the caregiver arrives. For example, if the caregiver will help your family member take baths, install safety rails and a shower chair. This equipment will help prevent falls and keep your loved one as safe as possible.

Preparing your loved one's home for life in care is a lot of work, so it is best to get started right away. Once the home is set up for the caregiver, you can have this healthcare professional move in. Contact Mid-Hudson Managed Home Care Inc. for more.