How At-Home Caregivers Manage Decubitus Ulcers

29 November 2022
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Decubitus ulcers (pressure sores) are often the result of immobility and being in the same position for long periods of time. When recognized and treated when still in their early stages, decubitus ulcers may be less like to progress into larger wounds. Here are some ways a senior in-home care provider can treat decubitus ulcers and prevent additional ulcers from forming. Prevention Of New Decubitus Ulcers  The senior in-home care provider can help prevent the development of decubitus ulcers by making sure that the elderly individual does not remain in the same position for more than a couple of hours at a time. Read More 

Looking For Personal Home Care For Your Elderly Parent? 2 Tips To Help You

27 September 2022
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If your elderly parent needs extra care at home and you or other family members do not have the time, you can hire personal home care. You do need to make sure you choose the right type of home care, however. Below is information to help you choose what would work best so both you and your parent will be happy with the care they receive.  Types of Personal Home Care Read More 

How Do Seniors Benefit From Companion Care?

30 June 2022
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If you're looking to arrange elderly home care services for an older relative or friend, then you will think about their practical needs first. However, helping someone live independently in their own home isn't simply a question of helping them manage their daily lives. As well as practical services, you can also hire caregivers to provide companion support. What is companion care and what are its benefits? What Is Senior Companion Care? Read More 

Common In-Home Care Services

11 March 2022
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Do you require in-home care services for yourself or a family member?  If you feel embarrassed or overwhelmed about contacting an in-home care company, you should consider that getting the help you need will make life much easier for you or your loved one. The process isn't as complex as you'd expect, and once you take the first step of reaching out, you will be glad that you did.  Would you like to learn more about the services you can choose from based on your needs? Read More