How Do Seniors Benefit From Companion Care?

30 June 2022
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If you're looking to arrange elderly home care services for an older relative or friend, then you will think about their practical needs first. However, helping someone live independently in their own home isn't simply a question of helping them manage their daily lives.

As well as practical services, you can also hire caregivers to provide companion support. What is companion care and what are its benefits?

What Is Senior Companion Care?

Many senior home care services focus on practical help with living in the home. For example, you can hire caregivers to help an elderly person get dressed, take a bath, and get ready for bed. Caregivers can also help with housework, shopping, meal preparation, home maintenance, and gardening.

If you hire a companion care service, then the caregiver will focus on spending time with the person they look after. So, for example, a caregiver might simply come into the home and spend time chatting with an elderly person a few times a week. They might have a cup of coffee or tea with them.

Sometimes, you can mix companion care with practical services. For example, a caregiver could take an elderly person shopping, to church, or visit relatives. Or, they could simply take more time chatting to them as they do jobs around their home.

What Are the Benefits of Companion Care?

While seniors who need help to live in their own homes appreciate practical care services, these services don't always meet all their needs. Older people can get lonely when they live alone. They might not see many people on a daily basis; they might not be able to leave their homes to socialize on their own.

Even if they have regular caregivers coming in to help them with daily tasks, these interactions might be short and rushed. For example, if a caregiver has a short time to visit someone and prepare food for them, then they might not have time to stay and chat.

As well as feeling lonely, some seniors lose some mental acuity if they don't spend much time around other people. They don't get the social and mental stimulation they need from talking and interacting with other people.

If you hire a companion caregiver, then your relative or friend will feel less isolated and lonely. They will have some social interaction to look forward to. They can also get help to socialize outside of their home. This socialization makes people feel happier, engaged, and connected with the outside world.

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