Dementia: How To Take Care Of Your Parent With This Disease

15 July 2020
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When your parent starts aging, it can be a bit traumatic for you; when they suffer from something like dementia, it can turn your entire world upside down. Dementia is a disease in which patients suffer from both memory loss and judgment, which can make their ability to function on their own almost impossible. For instance, a lot of patients who have dementia will forget where they are when they are on a walk, causing them to get lost. Read More 

Helping A Loved One Adjust To In-Home Elderly Care

13 March 2020
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It can be difficult to watch someone you love need help when you don't have enough time in the day to be there to meet all their needs. Elderly care in the home makes it possible for you to have someone take care of a parent or other elderly loved one who is no longer able to remain completely independent. From having help cleaning the house and doing basic chores to having someone to assist with personal care needs, adjusting to having a professional caregiver in the home can take some time. Read More