Looking For Personal Home Care For Your Elderly Parent? 2 Tips To Help You

27 September 2022
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If your elderly parent needs extra care at home and you or other family members do not have the time, you can hire personal home care. You do need to make sure you choose the right type of home care, however. Below is information to help you choose what would work best so both you and your parent will be happy with the care they receive. 

Types of Personal Home Care

Most personal home care companies offer different types of services. If your parent does not need someone with them all the time, you can have someone visit them for a short time each day. They can come each morning and help your parent get out of bed, take a shower or bath, help them get dressed, help them go to the bathroom, and fix their breakfast for them. They can help feed your parent if they are not able to do this on their own. You can tell the service if your parent is on a special diet, such as if they are diabetic, have high blood pressure, etc.

There is also attendant care which offers the same services as short-time visits, but they stay with them for longer periods of time. You may need someone to stay with your parent during the day while you work. 

You can hire a personal care service to send someone to stay with your parent full-time if they need constant care. For example, if your parent has dementia or another type of terminal disease, they may not be able to stay alone. 

Ways They Can Help

A personal care service can help you in many ways. They can do grocery shopping or pick up your parent's medications. Some services will do light housekeeping for you. If your parent needs things like a hospital bed, assistive devices in the bathroom, and more, many personal home care services can also help you get these things or may even provide them for you. 

Some services will do yard work and do the laundry for your parent. They may set up a delivery meal service for your parent if they are not able to cook on their own. There are personal home care services that offer rehabilitative services or physical therapy. They can provide companionship with your parent, such as sitting down and conversing with them, playing games with them, or sitting and watching television with them. 

Talk with a few personal home care services in your area to learn more about how they can help you and your parent.