Types Of Home Care Services

19 May 2021
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Home care allows for more independence compared to other forms of assisted living. One can assess professional support services from healthcare providers in the safety of their homes. Such care is ideal for people with medical issues like disabilities, chronic illness, and injuries. In this case, professional caregivers like nurses provide personal care and healthcare at home. Below are some specific home care services.

Personal Care

People with underlying health issues require assistance with personal care. In this case, the client receives support with bathing and brushing to maintain body and oral hygiene. The caregivers also assist with clothing and hairdressing. Some patients may require help with toilet use due to mobility issues. The goal of personal care is to improve body hygiene and prevent skin health issues. More so, it enhances comfort and improves the self-esteem of the clients. 


Home caregivers also support housekeeping tasks. Usually, the client may not have the strength to complete tasks that are physically and mentally engaging. For instance, patients who have dementia often experience problems completing tasks due to short memory. Therefore, the presence of a caregiver offers support in laundry, cleaning, and organizing tasks. In addition, home care services may include help with shopping. Thus, the patient has peace of mind and enjoys convenience. 

Nutritional Care 

The need for a quality diet and proper eating habits is more important for people with health conditions. Typically, nutrition provides physical energy, improves cognitive abilities, and helps boost body immunity. Home care service providers support clients to meet their nutritional needs through cooking and feeding assistance. In this way, the client gets the recommended three meals in a day. Notably, the caregivers ensure that the patient eats a balanced diet and avoids foods that trigger medical complications. Thus, good nutrition becomes an integral element for health outcomes.

Medical Care 

Home health care supports patients to manage or recover from a medical condition. Medical care includes ongoing treatment by a physician or a nurse, such as administering drugs and managing wounds. It may also include physical therapy such as rehabilitative exercises, aerobics, massage, and acupuncture. These services have a direct positive outcome on personal health.


Home caregivers also act as companion partners. As companions, the caregivers spend time listening and engaging the patient in conversations. Also, they may engage in fun activities such as watching TV shows, listening to music, and playing board games. In this way, the patient is never lonely in the presence of a caring companion. Thus, companionships help to improve wellness and mental health.

Home health care is customized to your specific needs and may include the services listed above. Engage a home caregiver and cater to your personal and medical care needs for a quality life. For more information, contact a personal care service