Appreciating What Respite Care Can Offer To Patients And Caretakers

24 February 2023
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When you first agreed to become the caretaker of a disabled loved one, you may not have realized at first what this responsibility entailed. You may have thought it would be far easier than it really is.

You also may experience burnout sooner than you expected. Rather than send your loved one away to live in a nursing home, you can get the help you need for both of you by hiring professional respite care services. 

Getting a Break 

When you hire respite care services for your relative, you may be able to give yourself a break on a regular basis. As much as you love your relative, you may be unable to continue to care for him or her for days on end without experiencing burnout. You may simply need some time to rest and enjoy other activities that you lack time for when caring for this person.

The caretakers for the respite care service can take over your loved one's care for a number of hours, if not longer, while you rest and get a break. You can come back to your caretaking duties feeling more refreshed and less burned out.

Socializing for Your Loved One

Your relative may also be able to get out of the house and socialize when you hire respite care services for this person. You may not be equipped to take your loved one out of the house by yourself. You may lack a vehicle large enough to accommodate his or her mobility device or not know how to bring along equipment like an oxygen tank.

Rather than leave your relative homebound, you can hire respite care to take this person out in public regularly. The caretakers for the respite care services may be able to get him or her in and out of a vehicle and take along medical equipment. Your relative can get out of the house, see other people and enjoy going to places like the movies or a park. This person is not relegated to staying at home all of the time because you are unable to take him or her out in public by yourself.

Respite care services can provide a number of benefits to both you and your disabled loved one. You may get a regular break from your caretaking duties so you can rest and enjoy activities for which you otherwise have no time. Your relative may also get the chance to get out of the house and socialize. 

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